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The fournitures are made of durables materials that can resist for long periods 

Natural and ecological materials: wood, rattan and metal.

New stainless steel hardware: does not rust, does not break.

Quality design for your family

Evolving bed. Soft closing doors and drawers. Furniture guaranteed for 3 years from delivery. French creation. 


Respect for health and the environment

Water-based, odour-free, solvent-free, and fume-free finishes. Compliance with French and European standards certified by an independent French laboratory. Plastic-free packaging.

Rattan in Théo Bébé furniture:
ecological and qualitative

Since 2021, the Théo collection has seen the introduction of natural rattan without transformation: in rattan cane, caning or braiding. 

Shock-resistant, rot-proof, light and flexible, it is used for indoor and outdoor furniture and allows braiding. 

It grows 7 times faster than a tree, and each vine can measure up to 200 meters. Useful and prolific, rattan is an ecological fiber that is not in danger of extinction. 

The cut is made by hand and the base of the vine is replanted, so that it can grow back. 

Rattan allows local people to continue to inhabit the tropical forests in which it grows, encouraging the ecosystem to persist and providing a good alternative to the exploitation of these forests on a large scale. 

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