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natural rattan baby bed eco-designed tethys theo bebe
Rattan baby bed Téthys Théo Bébé
natural rattan baby bed tethys theo bebe

Materials and finishes

The Téthys bed is the only Théo Bébé bed to be entirely made from rattan cane. It is a solid, supple and durable material that is environmentally friendly and light. The Téthys bed only weighs 17kg, which makes it easy to set-up and move around.

The varnishes and paint used are all water-based, without any solvents is free of any chemical emanations: in preserving the air quality, we make sure you and your baby’s remain healthy and safe!

Zero plastic, 100% biodegradable

It is shipped in a packaging made entirely from carton, without any plastic, entirely biodegradable. This is part of our ecological commitments.

Evolution and functionality

The base of the bed can be set at two levels to adjust to the age of your baby.

With its format in 60 x 120 cm, it is the ideal bed for your baby to sleep on during its first years.

What is rattan, and why is it a material that is durable?

Rattan originates from the tropical forests of South East Asia. It is a climbing plant (member of the palm tree family) which uses trees to help itself climb rapidly to the top of the forest canopy. 

This liana grows like weeds and produces the material used to manufacture furniture seven times faster than regular trees! Each plant can grow to an impressive height of 200 m.

The harvest is done by hand, the top of the plant is cut off at the base and replanted at the base of the tree, ready to grow again.

The plant is picked up and then separated into multiple parts: the stalk is used to make rattan cane, and the skin is peeled and used for the weaving and knotting.. 

Our rattan furnitures are fabricated by hand by qualified artisans who have transmitted their knowledge of the plant from generation to generation, which creates exquisite pieces of furniture constructed to resist the test of time.


Not only is rattan itself a durable resource, but it also creates a cash crop for the people living in the tropical forest. This crop relies on the preservation of the ecosystem: it is an alternative to deforestation and an end of agriculture or the production of palm oil.

Furthemore, rattan creates beautiful furniture, respectful of the environment. Or at least that's what we think!

ecologic natural rattan baby bed tethys theo bebe