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Who are we?

Our history

Théo Bébé is the story of three French entrepreneurs who settled in Asia from the 80s to the 2000s. After several decades of pursuing individual business ventures in commerce, wood, and furniture, the three met and created the Théo Bébé brand in 2014 (which existed in a different form in France since 1999).

They equally took over and continued the manufacturing workshop located in Indonesia, specialised in the production of furniture for babies, that a large French company was on the verge of shutting down.
Due to the geographical location of the associates, it is in Singapore that the headquarters is located, allowing the company to develop in both Asia and Europe.

The heart of Théo Bébé is in France, and it is also there that most of our clients are located. That is why a logistics warehouse was situated at Loriol, in the Drôme.
In order to preserve the original spirit of the brand, all the collaborators are French. Located in France and around the world, this allows the brand to help spread French culture and style.

Théo Bébé is today distributed in a dozen countries, and ships everywhere around Europe thanks to its French website.

Our team

Théo Bébé meubles bébé france


The central computer, aka “the master of everything”

Théo Bébé meubles bébé france


The accountant with the velvet glasses

Théo Bébé meubles bébé france


The oil in the cogs of the machine

Théo Bébé meubles bébé france


Keyboard pianist, our voice on the web

Our furniture

Théo Bébé meubles bébé écologiques
Théo Bébé mobilier bébé sécurité
théo bébé chambres bébé garantie 3 ans
théo bébé mobilier bébé évolutif
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