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Baby cots and junior beds

Evolutive and multifunctional beds

Several bed base heights: 2 for 60x120 cm cots, 3 for 70x140 cm cots.
2 evolutive sides to support your child's motor development.
The bed drawer turns into an extra bed, or desk top.
Children's beds 90x200 cm with slatted base.

Junior beds 90x200 cm

Oceania, Marelia, Nami

Baby cots 60x120 cm

Nemo, Tethys

Shell, Nami, Naïa, Océane, Océania, Marélia, Marélie

baby cots 70x140 cm

Shell, Nami, Naïa, Océane, Océania

Marelia, Marelie

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