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COCOLATEX® 70x140 cm Baby Mattress

COCOLATEX® 70x140 cm Baby Mattress


This Kadolis brand mattress has been selected for our 70x140 cm baby beds. It will be delivered to you separately from the furniture ordered.


The advantages of the COCOLATEX® baby mattress:

- Mattress guaranteed without chemical treatment and certified OEKO-TEX®
- Excellent regulation of the child's temperature

- Mattress delivered in a cardboard box to eliminate plastic from our packaging


The COCOLATEX® baby mattress, a breathable mattress made of natural fibers

Offer your newborn a natural baby mattress for a healthier sleep. The COCOLATEX® baby mattress is composed of a layer of coconut fiber that ensures perfect support of the child's body and a layer of natural latex that provides a soft and ultra-comfortable welcome. The natural latex used is 99.9% pure. This crib mattress is the ideal compromise between flexibility and support for baby.

Thanks to its natural breathable fibers,the COCOLATEX® baby mattress regulates baby's temperature perfectly, avoiding excessive sweating so common in children, which is often the cause of many nighttime awakenings. The sleeping surface is on the latex side for better comfort.


A hypoallergenic baby mattress without any chemical treatment

The coconut fiber allows an excellent air circulation and a good evacuation of moisture, which limits the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites


A removable mattress for a perfect hygiene

This natural baby mattress is covered with a cover made of TENCEL™, wool and polyester with soft comfort. TENCEL™ is a natural material made from eucalyptus wood pulp. It has a naturally air-conditioning action allowing a bed to always be at the right temperature. The wool provides even more plush comfort and temperature regulation naturally. Contrary to what one might think, wool does not make you hotter but on the contrary, it evacuates sweat and odors. Polyester is used to pass the non-fire standard and thus avoid the addition of chemicals.

Even if the COCOLATEX® mattress is removable, don't forget to protect it with a breathable undersheet and a fitted baby sheet.


Precautions for use: In order to guarantee an optimal comfort and a better longevity to your mattress, we recommend not to roll it nor to fold it so that the coconut fiber preserves all its qualities.

  • Composition

    - 3 cm of natural latex (99.9% purity) to add "Flex" and comfort to the Coco layer (latex density 90kg/m3)

    - 8 cm of Coconut Fiber for a firm support, for an optimal air circulation and which ensures the anti allergic side. 100% natural Coco fiber (density of coco 48kg/m3).

    -a veil 100% cotton self-aligning (weight 250gr) non removable cover protects the interior of the mattress

    - Fabric of the cover (ticking): made of 40% polyester + 60% TENCEL™, natural material made from wood pulp.

    - 1cm padding for the cover (ticking): 100% organic wool (from Italy, sheared with respect for the welfare of the animal) (weight 500gr/m2)


    Product Details

    Thickness : 12 cm

    Place of manufacture : Spain

    Guarantee : 5 years

    Certification : OEKO-TEX® n°2017OK0549

    Density : 90kg/m3 + 48kg/m3

    Firmness : Firm

    Norms & standards : Conforme NF EN 16890

    Treatment : No chemical treatment.

    Removable : Yes

    Anti-dust mite : Yes

    Care instructions : Professional cleaning with water only

    Weight: 12,90 kg

    Reference : MCOLA02

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