Berceau bébé Théo Bébé Cocoon bois massif
The cotton veil will stop direct sunlight from reaching your baby, letting them sleep in a serene and protected environment.
It comes with all our Cocoon cradles, giving them their particular charm.
théo bébé berceau cocoon bois
berceau bébé balancelle cocoon théo bébé
The Cocoon cradle is made in the EU, with solid beech from european forests, sustainably collected.
With its legs fixed or in swing mode, you can cradle your child in full security, so that their first dreams will be filled with gentleness.
When you receive your order, the package will consist of two sets of legs, you can then choose the ones that suit you the best, and change them whenever you wish.
The legs of the swing are equipped with a device that allows you to block the swaying in full security.
Berceau bébé bois massif théo bébé
Berceau bébé écologique théo bébé
berceau cocoon théo bébé voile coton